Harris Tweed A Classic Choice

Ive recently taken an order with Harris tweed being the choice of cloth. Winter jackets look great when made in Harris tweed. It takes a little time to get the cloth softened up through wear, but once youre past that stage youll love it. Then at the other end of the spectrum. You bring it back with a bit wear and tear and ask for suede elbow patches and repairs to that favourite sports coat you wont give up!

Take a look at the The Harris Tweed Website. Its gives you a great insight into tweed. This quote Ive taken from the website below gives you the definition (much better than I could ever explain) of the cloth and illustrates what a wonderful and unique piece of cloth you really get:

Harris Tweed is cloth that has been handwoven by the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra in their homes, using pure virgin wool that has been dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.

What youll also get is the Harris Tweed orb symbol certificate label giving it the authentication of being the geniune product. I sew this label in one of the inbreast pockets for the customers own reference.

The cloth is going to made into a practical alternative to a overcoat when travelling. It has the warmth, throw on a scarf and turn up the collar when theres a cold snap in the air. It can be easily folded and stored in overhead luggage on a plane, and at the other end it wont be creased. Weve also added a poachers pocket to cut down on hand luggage with a flap and zip for added security.

Ive just cut the cloth and its ready to be trimmed for the coat maker. Keep an eye out, I shall be posting up a photo at the fitting stage.