My Favourite Cloth

I know some may think its a little early to start thinking about Autumn as we just start Summer. But when ordering bespoke clothing its best to think a season ahead.

This is probably my favourite cloth, it is a West of England Flannel. What makes this cloth even more delicious is that its Lessers Lumb’s Flannel. A superb cloth, unfortunately the yarn is no longer available. So if you get the opportunity, order this flannel now. Once the stocks gone that’s it!

I wanted to show you this very advanced fitting.  The sleeves are baisted in and not finished. Why? Well the client holds each arm slightly differently and I wanted to check his sleeve ‘pitch’ before finishing the garment. I’m not one to say its 2 fittings when making a garment, I’m not one to say its 4 fittings. I’ll have the all the fittings I require to get to the high standards I set myself. But ultimately the best fitting is once the customer takes his suit away and wears it a good dozen times in his environment. This let’s the suit settle and body heat get into the garment. I always insist that the customer then returns to see me. Allowing me the opportunity to  view my work and check if any alterations are needed at this time

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