About Matthew

You could say I was always destined to become a tailor.  From the first time  I saw my grandfather pick up a thimble and watched him making a jacket,  at the age of 8.  To listening to stories of my great grandfather, who started his own business in 1926, and who had been an apprentice to his father a master tailor back in the early 1900’s.

For me it all started for me with a company called Connock and Lockie in 1994. When asked about it now.  I always describe it as a Dickensian apprenticeship with great memories.  Five years later I joined Huntsman bespoke tailors of Savile Row.

February, the 14th 1999, 8.30am.  I  remember walking down Savile Row for the first time and into Huntsman’s.  Anxious, excited and ready to start working as Richard Andersons under cutter.

Looking back now, I always feel that  my tailoring education really started once I was in Savile Row.  I spent six years here learning all aspects of Huntsman’s tailoring and cutting.  Travelling across the USA and Europe, visiting cities and seeing clients.  I spent 6 years here and in 2005 I started with Ede and Ravenscroft, the oldest tailors in London.

Ede and Ravenscroft gave me—–  the opportunity to work their flagship store in Savile Row.  A company steeped in history.  Letting me hone my skills and gather some great experience.  An enjoyable four years have flown past, and now I’m looking at venturing out on my own.

My tailoring ethos

I’m a firm believer in cutting individual patterns for the individual client, over time I adjust the pattern accordingly.

With regards to production and silhouette.  I’m a great admirer of Huntsman and this shows through in my own house style.  I make a firm coat.  With a natural shoulder but still tailored, a touch of suppression at the waist and finally a cut away front edge that sweeps away effortlessly from the soft roll at the bottom of the lapel.  I then follow this silhouette through with the line of the trouser, a single English pleat, detailing is to the customers taste.  With a width of bottom that is both proportional to the jacket and complimentary to the shoe.

This is what I consider to be classic Savile Row tailoring.

The concept behind my blog?

When I thought about setting this blog up I had one clear vision. It was to give a chance for people to see my garments being constructed at different stages and show that true Savile Row tailoring is alive and well. I hope you enjoy my blog. I’ll try to put up fresh blogs every two weeks. Please bear with me. Depending on what is in production. it may sometimes be a shorter period or sometimes a touch longer.

Thanks, Matthew