Little Details – A Clients File

I thought I’d share this with you as you may find it of some interest:

One of my clients will be starting a new job in the near future and we met as he’s looking to freshen up his wardrobe. As we discussed cloth and suits he commented he really wasn’t sure what to order to compliment his wardrobe. “Hold on” was my reply as I pulled out his file. Here I had a record detailing his orders and cuttings of all his suit cloths. He was most impressed and loved the fact we could avoid ‘ordering another blue suit’. I’ll also keep notes on previous chats regarding clothes. A client may comment on a cloth I’ll keep notes on that. I won’t divulge everything, that’s confidential between me and my clients, you’ll have to come an order a suit to see the full package!

Why do I do this? Well, I like to think of myself not just as a tailor who makes the suit and that’s it. As I’ve said in the past, my clients like to discuss the whole package with me. I’ll advise them where to buy shoes, shirts, ties, etc. This is why I’m a proffesional at my job.

It’s all about that extra personnal service I offer, that makes coming to me all that more special.

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