What to Wear With Jeans – An Exceptional Jacket

I am extremely proud and pleased with this jacket.

You’ll see it’s one of my signature unlined jackets. I talk a lot about ‘little details’ and making every garment special. Let me go further and highlight these details:

The jacket has been piped on the seams in red (I’ve taken the time to make sure all machine threads matching correctly). Continuing on the red theme. All pocket bags have been made in red. The ‘under collar’ is also in red. Yet to come are the buttonholes, which I know is not to everyone’s taste. But these will be sewn in red by hand. The buttons will be also sourced and a little different from the norm.

“And now the cut”

It has been given a good suppression at the waist. The front of the jacket has the classic huntsman cutaway front edge. Lastly there is the sharpness of the tailored shoulder I produce.

Overall it’s a exceptional bespoke jacket.

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