What to wear with Jeans – Choosing Shoes

Tailoring is not just about making the clothes to me. It’s also how you dress as a whole. Customers visit me not to just order a new suit. They will also seek my advice on shirts, ties, shoes, etc. To help create and develop their own style. Bearing that in mind I’ve created a new category: Style. Here I’ll be occasionally posting my thoughts on style and dressing.

I’ve had a couple of enquires to what shoes would I wear in relation to my recent posts of wearing a bespoke jacket with jeans:

For this look, its all about subtlety. Nothing that looks like it can cross over from your work apparel should be considered. With that in mind, I’d choose to wear a pair of suede Hogans ’trainers’ when running around town at the weekend. When holidaying in warmer climates I’d choose a pair of Tod’s car shoes to pack in the suitcase, socks are optional. They’ve got some great designs in their current summer range.

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